The following information, called the ‘Minimum Scale of Fees’ has been set by the Estate Agents Council of Zimbabwe.

It covers Estate Agents fees only, and not third parties (e.g. Conveyancer’s fees in the case of selling).



5% plus VAT of the gross selling price.

If you sell in excess of US$10 million, a fee of 3% plus VAT will apply to the balance over and above the US$10 million (the residue).



Residential                                            15% plus VAT

Commercial & Industrial                     10% plus VAT

If your property’s lettable area is in excess of 6 000m2, then there is quantum reduction of the minimum scale of fees to 7.5% plus VAT.



Residential & Commercial                   One month’s rent, inclusive of VAT

N.B. This is not what is outlined in the Minimum Scale of Fees. In that document the figures are worked out on percentages and it is rather complicated. We believe one month’s rent is a fair amount and it is easy to understand for our potential clients. In charging one month's rent for Rental Introductions, we are adhering to the Minimum Scale of Fees.